Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Very First Blog

My very first blog and I'm not sure where to start....!

So firstly, I guess I should tell you that this blog will be about my favourite things - crafting, travel, food, recipes, and random thoughts.

10 things about me:
  1. I am married to a gorgeous Canadian
  2. I have lived in Japan, England and Scotland
  3. I have shops on Etsy and madeit
  4. My husband has coeliac disease, so we have a mainly gluten free diet at home
  5. I say 'mainly' as I have not been able to give up junk food - who could live without the cheesey goodness of Twisties and Cheetos?....I guess my husband for one!
  6. I love to make things - our house is slowly being taken over by my supplies and things I've made
  7. My ideal start to the day is a cup of hazelnut coffee with a delicious Byron Bay cookie (preferably a 'Dotty' one (a chocolate chip cookie with colourful chocolate drops on top) - I really am just a big kid and chocolate is one of the best things ever)
  8. I love to cook, though it is hard to get motivated after a day at work
  9. I love cats, but a small dog would be OK
  10. Yes, my  hair is grey. It started with a few strands when I was about 16 and just didn't stop. A few years ago I decided to gracefully give in to nature (not really - it was just getting too expensive to dye and I have no patience for it as my hair grows crazy fast!)
So welcome to my world - I hope you enjoy it here ;)

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