Monday, 21 November 2011

Gluten Free Monday - The Solution

Well, I solved the dilemma I had on Friday. In the end it was a very easy decision to make....I had a look in the cupboard to see what I had and the cake balls were the winner! I really wasn't in the mood for cooking on the weekend either - it was so hot and humid - and the cake balls seemed to be the easiest thing to make.

So here it is - my cake ball recipe:

1 packet golden cake mix
1 can top 'n' fill caramel
3/4 pack chocolate buttons

1. Bake the cake as per the instructions

2. Crumble the cake into a bowl

3. Add the top 'n' fill and mix until all the cake crumbs are coated

4. Roll the mix into bite-size balls, place on a lined baking tray and refrigerate (I put them in the freezer for about 1/2 hour)

5. Melt the chocolate - I did this on the stove so that the chocolate would stay melted. Just heat a small amount of water in the saucepan and place a bowl in the saucepan. The bowl shouldn't touch the bottom of the saucepan - it needs to half sit in it, if that makes sense. Do not get water in your chocolate!!!

6. Dip the balls into the melted chocolate and place on tray. This is the trickiest part and mine ended up a little messy. I used a spoon and a fork with the 2 middle tines snapped off so it formed a kind of scoop.

7. Refrigerate until set.

8. Eat and enjoy!

You know, when I had added the top 'n' fill to the crumbs and had a bit of a taste I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to like cake balls. I was really disappointed as I had been so looking forward to these. I had a think about it and realised that I just don't like 'wet' cake that much. I'll eat it, but if I had a choice I would much prefer to eat just regular cake. This may just be because I used the top 'n' fill rather than icing, so I guess I'll have to make them again sometime just to be sure!

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