Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Crochet Craze

I have been on a bit of a crocheting craze lately, making lots of pretty flowers and cup holders. The flowers I have been making for years - they have just been a time filler while watching TV and as they are so cute I just keep making more. I have put them together in sets of 6 to be used as coasters (check out last week's post for a photo). The cup holders are because of my husband - he bought a new cup with no handle and then found that it was way too hot to drink from, so I made one for him, then used all my leftover cotton to make more!

So, because of this craze I have had to stock up on supplies. For convenience I was just trotting off to Lincraft during my lunch breaks and buying Panda's 8 ply 50% cotton/50% acrylic blend - it is so nice and soft with pretty colours.

Pink - Cotton Blend 8plyCream - Cotton Blend 8plyDenim - Cotton Blend 8ply

But it was getting kinda' pricey. My mum has always been a knitter and with the arrival of grandchildren this has gone crazy! I keep telling her she should sell some of her stuff as it is just gorgeous, but she keeps refusing. Anyway, to the point, I remembered that mum sometimes orders from the Bendigo Woollen Mill so thought I should check it out.

It's great! I love it! Check it out And the best thing about discovering it when I did? They are having a sale!!! Yes, I was excited. A 200g ball of 100% cotton is $10. How good is that? But wait, it gets better. If you order over $30 postage is free (just in Australia, sorry). So I put in an order for 3 balls of cotton for me and 1 for mum, thinking I would see what I thought and if I really like it, I will go ahead and buy some more.

Honeydew, Daffodil & Blush - how pretty are they?

I think they were actually delivered to my place this week, but as I was at work they didn't leave them. I tried to go pick them up from the Post Office yesterday - I got up nice and early and arrived at the PO at 6.10am. It wasn't open. Argh! My delivery card said it opens at 6.30am, but I am positive I read a sign inside that said 6am. I wasn't going to wait for 20 minutes so off I went back home, parcel-less and sad. I am now looking forward to Saturday when I can go pick it up!

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