Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Market Day and New Bracelets

Last week I told you about The Young Designers Market - well, it went pretty well for me on Sunday. It seemed a little slow, but I sold some of my more expensive items, so it ended up being a good day. I am a bit annoyed with myself as I think I missed a couple of opportunities - for example, one woman said my flower coasters (see my post on 16 November) were exactly what she was looking for, she just wanted them in a different material. Silly me didn't ask for her details and say that I would give it a try. I was kicking myself afterwards. But still, she has inspired me to try a couple of different things and I will see how they go at my next market.

I forgot my camera again, so I don't have any photos of my stall. I need some new ideas - I want to hang different things on the sides of the stall, so I need some kind of 'wall' - does that make sense? Any ideas?

Here are a couple of my new bracelets. I absolutely love the cabochons - they are made of glass, but feel like a ceramic. They are quite heavy and the colours are just gorgeous. I like the contrast of the cab and lacy setting with the leather. At the moment I have them in pink and blue - I will have to see if I can get the cabs in other colours so I can have a rainbow of them!

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