Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Going Back to My Crafting Roots

Recently I've found that I am going back to doing the crafts I did when I first started making things. I've been telling you about my crochet craze over the past couple of weeks (and it continues with new supplies arriving this week!), but I have also started cross stitching again. I find it quite relaxing and love that I can just sit in front of the TV and do it.

I bought some plastic canvas like this:

Plastic Canvas - this one is from Ebay
and I have done a couple of small designs on it - I can't wait to finish them off, cut them out and see how they look! I will post some photos when I have finished. I have had to put it off for a while as I am doing some photos for my family for Christmas. I found some pretty material and have covered the frame insert, so now I just have to stick the photos on and wrap. I will try and remember to take some photos and post next time!

Here is one of my cross stitches that I did a couple of months ago. You can see some of my other ones for kids here

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