Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Impatient to Create!

I think I may have mentioned just once or twice before that I have been going through a crocheting craze. Well, it got worse. I visited family over the holidays and came home with 2 bags full of wool, some dating back to when my sister and I were babies! So the craze continued, but I wanted a finished product, not just a load of flowers. I was too impatient to make what I was planning, so I put this sweet little garland together.

Coming back to work has been extra hard as all I want to do is make my ideas a reality!


  1. So pretty, i like this blue. I've some crochet flowers too, may apply them to my work one day, though don't know when will that day come :)

    Dorothy from Blogging Buddies

  2. Cute garland!

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies


  3. Happy New Year! I love your flower garland, the colors are gorgeous:)

  4. Ha! That's funny that you went to your family's for the holidays and came home with bags of wool! Your garland is just adorable. Good luck with all of your new crochet projects!