Thursday, 12 January 2012

Canada Adventure - Gluten Free Style Part 2

As I said last week, we did a lot of cooking for ourselves when we were in Canada as we stayed with family over half of the time. The rest of the time, if we stayed anywhere more than 1 night we tried to get accommodation with our own kitchen.

So here is some info on our gf stash and where we went to find it.

London Drugs
With locations across the 4 provinces we travelled in (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), if we couldn't get to a supermarket London Drugs was great for snacks. One of Chris' favourites was this Granola, made by Bakery on Main - it was great for a snack and he also had it for breakfast with yoghurt and fruit.

A supermarket in Vancouver and a few scattered across BC and Alberta. A little pricier than other places, but it had a good gluten free section. We got some gf bagels and Chris was so excited! He hasn't had bagels for years (they aren't really that popular in Brisbane).

This is why Chris' relatives called our local Coles a 'corner store' (our Coles is a regular size supermarket for Australia). The place is huge. I think I walked in with my mouth hanging open. I was in grocery shopper heaven. They had a good range of gluten free biscuits and sweet food, including chocolate caramel slice. Mmmm. We also got some stir-fry sauces - quite a few of them were gluten free.

For someone with coeliac disease, this little shop in Winnipeg is heaven. They have a nice range or packaged and frozen food and at the counter they have some totally delicious looking cupcakes (unfortunately we didn't have any).

This company makes the most delicious sausages and deli meat. It was widely available at I think pretty much all of the supermarkets we went to and it was brilliant for BBQs, sandwiches, pasta dishes and snacks. They have a wide range of meats and are a little more reasonably priced than similar products in Australia.

Our trip was in the summer so there was a lot of gorgeous summer fruits available and it is all so much more affordable than in Australia. We had lots of cherries, apricots, and peaches.

If you like your junk food and have coeliac North America is a haven for you as most chocolate bars, lollies and chips are gluten free. Chris was happy as he got to eat Old Dutch Ketchup chips again - they have so much flavour on them your fingers are red by the time you finish.

 Most chocolates and lollies are made with corn starch rather than wheat in North America, so if you like M&Ms you can gorge yourself! Check out the websites of the manufacturers and remember there may be some differences between products in the US and Canada.  If you do a Google search you will find lots of lists as people put them together for Halloween.

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