Monday, 5 March 2012

Risotto and Sausages - Gluten Free Style

When I lived in England I stayed with my sister and brother-in-law for a while and one of my favourite meals with them was sausages and risotto. It was mainly because of the sausages - Tesco had the all time best sausauges. My favourite was pork and blue cheese - I hate blue cheese, but these were delicious.

So on the weekend I felt like some sausages and risotto. The sausages could not compare (I have no idea what type they actually were), but it was pretty good. We just get our sausages from Coles - I think most of them are gluten free now. Here's my recipe for risotto - if you are serving it with sausages make sure you time it well as the risotto will overcook otherwise (this happened to me - I underestimated the time it would take to cook the sausages. Ah well, it was still pretty delicious!).

4 rashers bacon, diced
1 red onion, diced
1 bunch asapargus (about 8 spears), cut into 2cm pieces
1.5lt chicken stock (or vegetable stock. The amount is very approximate!)
Arborio rice - just add it until it looks like a good balance between this and your other ingredients
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
Italian herbs to taste
Small amount of oil for frying (if using fatty bacon, you don't really need this)

1. Add oil to saucepan. Once hot, add bacon and onion. Cook until onion changes colour.
2. Add rice and mix well. Add the herbs
3. Add enough water to cover all ingredients and let simmer over a low-medium heat, stirring occasionally.
4. When most of the water has gone, add more, still stirring occasionally.
5. Add asparagus
6. Keep adding a bit of water at a time until rice is cooked. It should be just a little bit crunchy, but cook to your taste.
7. Add the cheese and mix well.
8. Enjoy!

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